Friday, September 30, 2016


I tend to shy away from controversy. So let's talk about Job.

Is life Fair? The answer of course is no. Here's a guy who loves God with all his heart. He prays continually. God turns Satan loose on him and his life is destroyed. He gets to keep his wife and his life. Then his best friends show up and berate him for many chapters. Then God shows up and talks to him like he's a three-year-old, never apologizes, and gives him all his stuff back.

Job has his moments though.

Job 31

If mine heart have been deceived by a woman, or if I have laid wait at my neighbour's door; [10] Then let my wife grind unto another, and let others bow down upon her.

She has already expressed her low opinion of God and frustration with job. God never addresses her, but maybe gets even by having her deliver and raise another crop of kids.

Job admits that he spoke about things he did not understand. In the end it leaves one feeling a little empty, and uncertain about the nature of God.


Thursday, September 29, 2016


If I had it to do again?

Run Through the Jungle (more)
From the sixth to eighth grades we lived in Puerto Rico. There was jungle, and we spent time there.

 Put the lime in the coconut 
I got so drunk in college once that I ran into the divider between toilet stalls and knocked myself out. I've always said a little prayer for those souls that tucked me into bed out cold.

keep my eye on the ball
In the third grade I was on a baseball team. While standing on the sidelines a little girl from behind me said, here boy catch. I turned around and caught it in my eye. Yes it hurt. I hate baseball.

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